10 Easy Pallet Projects for Beginners

by Lucy Maddox

Are you a newbie looking for do-it-yourself projects with pallet wood?

Wooden pallets are great for DIY. They are strong, durable, cheap and widely available. And they can be used to create pretty much anything you may think of.

In this blog post, we’ve collected 10 small projects for your home using pallet wood. All projects include a link to the websites with step-by-step guides, so you can actually build these amazing items (instead of just looking at the beautiful pictures wishing you could also have one!).

So, come on in and we’ll guide you through the home filled with truly unique and stylish furniture and items made from free pallet wood.

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Entryway Console Table

Entryway Console Table

Image source

If you are looking for a simple but striking first project using a pallet, then an entryway console table will really brighten things up as you enter your home.

It’s perfect if you love a rustic look and it’s also great if you don’t have loads of space, as it’s really narrow. Top your table with some favorite items and you’ve got yourself a fresh and unique piece of furniture that certainly won’t break the bank.

Find a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this look in your entryway here!

Tip: Please remember to ALWAYS check the stamp on the pallet that you use and verify its use before beginning your project. “MB” means the pallet has been treated with chemicals and is not safe for indoor use.

Easy Coat Rack

Coat Rack made from pallet wood with black hooks

Image source

If you’re wondering, ‘what can I make with a single pallet’? And if this is your initiation into wood projects for your home, then why not have a go at creating a cozy but modern-looking coat rack?

If you are plagued by piles of coats of bags messing up the entryway of your home, this could be the perfect solution.

Using just one board from a pallet, some coat hooks of your choice and a few additional materials and tools, this could easily be made in a day. Check out how to achieve this look, including mastering that awesome rugged edge.

Pallet Shoe Rack

Three wall-mounted wooden shoe racks

Image source

Another brilliant storage solution for your home, made using free pallet wood. Clear the clutter from your front door with these crafty wall-mounted shoe racks.

If you are a little short on space (and cash), then this is the perfect project for you. With a few simple cuts of your pallet and a stain or paint of your choice, you could soon be admiring this addition to your entryway and breathing a sigh of relief that you no longer have to trip over your shoes when you step through the front door.

Discover all the tools and equipment you need and the technique to use to create these space-saving shoe racks.

DIY Picture Frame

Three homemade wooden photo frames displaying family photos

Image source

What really makes a house a home are personal items, including family photos. Maybe you want to display your wedding photographs, your baby’s first photo shoot, or some family holiday snaps.

To make your photos really stand out, you can craft these picture frames out of pallet wood and hang them on the wall to stick your photos on using backing card and mounts.

These are a great idea because of their simplicity, and depending on what stain or paint color you choose they can suit any room and any decor. Get started on this project today!

Pallet Picture Holder

Large wooden picture holder using pegs to display photos

Image source

An alternative idea to making individual photo frames like the last project idea, this larger pallet picture holder is great for a statement wall.

Using pegs to display the photos is an awesome idea as it means you can super easily swap photos out depending on the season, or if you want to display pictures from a recent trip or event. You could even use it to display greeting cards at Christmas too.

Follow this step-by-step guide to create your own pallet picture holder.

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Modern Coffee Table

Living room with blue sofa and white coffee table made from pallet wood

Image source

This may be a little ambitious for your first project, but it’s not super hard to make this modern coffee table for your living room.

We love the style of this one where they’ve used a doily and some turquoise paint to add a touch of flair that also matches their rocking chair. But once you have constructed your table, the possibilities are endless as to how you might style it to suit your own space.

The addition of wheels on this table is great aesthetically, but also practically, meaning you can move it around when cleaning.

Ready to give this a go? Find out all you need to know for this project.

Original Kitchen Pallet Shelf

Kitchen shelf made of pallet wood holding two glass bottles

Image source

A super simple multi-purpose shelf you can make for your kitchen that has loads of character and that true rustic charm. Use it to display bottles, Kilner jars, plates or even recipe books, and enjoy the unique cracks, markings and stamps that make pallet wood such a great option to use.

With minimal tools and materials required, this is a project that shouldn’t take long to finish but can really enhance the look of your kitchen.

DIY Pallet Coffee Cup Holder

Wooden coffee mug holder with black hooks

Image source

If you can’t always get out for a daily coffee, then why not just recreate the look and feel of a hipster coffee shop in your very own home with this awesome mug holder.

As with all these ideas, the styling of this is completely up to you. You can opt for different stains or paint colors, add lettering and use different types of hooks, but essentially this is a really simple project.

Got a free weekend? Find all the help you need to create this coffee mug holder for yourself!

Pallet Bookshelf

Pallet bookshelf with dark stained wood holding children's books

Image source

If you’re designing and decorating your kid's bedroom and need a great way to store and display all their many books, look no further.

These shelves are perfect for smaller rooms as they are pretty narrow, and they have the massive advantage that the books are displayed with the front cover showing rather than just the spine, making it more appealing for kids to choose a book and read it.

A great DIY version of a trendy way to display children’s books that won’t cost much, take up much space or take much time to make. Perhaps you have a few pallets to play with and you could make a whole wall of these bookshelves - that would be awesome!

Find a step-by-step guide of how to complete this project right here!

Pallet Picture Display

Wooden board with pegs displaying a painting of a boat

Image source

Whether you have young children that are prolific painters, you are an artist yourself or simply an avid collector, this pallet picture display is a creative way of displaying art works in your home.

Depending on how many pallets you have you could make this as little or large as you like, so could display just one picture, or multiple. Using the pegs means that you can change the art as you feel like it as well.

This is particularly great for those pictures and pieces of art that are an odd size and you can’t quite find the right size frame for them.

Check out all you need for this creative project and get started!

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Signature on wood using a branding iron

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Have you made something awesome out of pallet wood that you don’t see on our list? We’d love to see what you’ve created and hear about how you did it, so please let us know and tag us on Instagram @gearheartindustry.