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We make the best branding irons on Earth.


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Good With Wood Co.

Custom Branded Wood Block

Cruiser Gear

Custom Branded Leather Patch

Lone Woods

Custom Branded Wood Block

Rescued Rumps

Custom Branded Leather Baby Moccasins

Nixi Lauroo

Custom Branded Wood

Sakonnet Furniture Makers

Custom Branded Furniture

James Butler

Custom Branded Paper Drinks Menu

Rabbet Run

Custom Branded Wood Cutting Board

Joseph and Co. Furniture

Custom branded wood blocks, created with Gearheart electric branding iron.

Jaimi Leigh Carter Art

Custom Branded Canvas Back

Dark Horse Wine

Custom Branded Leather Goods

Jpex Effects

Custom Branded Lawn Chair

Gearheart Custom Branding Irons

The World's Best Custom Branding Irons

If you think custom branding irons are just for wooden nickels, think again. At Gearheart Industry we manufacture the world’s best custom branding irons, right here in the U.S.A., and our clients’ creativity never ceases to amaze us. We offer a range of branding irons for every need - from our easy to use custom electric branding irons, to our old school torch heated branding irons, custom branding irons perfect for leatherworking, and even custom electric drill press branding irons for the creator looking for those high volume runs. 

Are Gearheart Electric Branding Irons the Best?

Gearheart custom branding iron heads are machined from solid metal - never cast or molded.

Our professional custom branding irons are the industry gold standard, whether you choose our ultra-tough brass alloy branding head or aircraft-grade aluminum branding head, they are machined from a solid bar of metal, never cast or molded. Brass is the most versatile material for an all-purpose electric branding iron; it can be used for high-output branding, and still last a lifetime. We recommend an electric branding iron for high-volume impressions, but plenty of folks still prefer torch heated branding irons that you heat up with a plumber’s torch, so we cater to both.

Why are Gearheart Custom Branding Irons so Solid?

There is no trade secret to Gearheart’s legendary workmanship and quality because it’s simply borne out of a quest for the best. Dave Petrides started the world-class company when he was fed up with shoddy imported branding irons, and decide to fashion the best custom branding irons in the world. In fact, Gearheart custom branding irons are now known in almost every country on the planet, and are widely acknowledged as the best around. There are two things we can say about our famous custom branding irons that no one else can claim. First, we manufacture the best darn custom branding irons in the world using only U.S. materials and labor, right down to the indestructible stainless steel handles and hardwood grips. Second, Gearheart does not condone the branding of living creatures for any reason, and we will not knowingly manufacture a brand for that purpose; please shop elsewhere for livestock brands.

How Can I Use a Custom Electric Branding Iron?

The possibilities for your custom branding iron are endless!

From wooden drink coasters, debossed leather labels, to wedding table cards and fine furniture branding, a Gearheart electric branding iron or torch-heated custom branding iron leaves a clear and crisp impression on wood, leather, food & more. Although our durable and precise custom branding irons were originally designed for making timeless impressions on wood, our worldwide customers have put Gearheart custom branding irons to a number of different and creative uses. You can use a Gearheart Industry custom branding iron to make your mark on:


From unique branded wedding invitations on card stock paper to quaint wooden seating cards, to custom branded wedding favors...your event can have a unique and custom look for little effort when you brand with a custom electric branding iron from Gearheart Industry.

Pallets, Furniture & Woodworking

Gearheart Industry custom branding irons have become the industry gold standard for pallet and wood branding. Our custom electric branding iron impressions can be found wherever fine furniture is manufactured. Our clients have used our custom branding irons to leave their mark on cutting boards, furniture, shipping crates and more.

Burger Buns, Tortillas & Other Food

Imagine the look on your guests’ faces when you serve up the ultimate signature gourmet burger, complete with your logo seared into the bun! Our high-grade aluminum branding irons are a game changer for restaurateurs and home cooks who just want to impress alike. We've seen our custom branding irons used in countless creative food applications, from burger buns, to steaks, to tortillas and more! Give your food a custom flair with a Gearheart Industry custom branding iron.


Are You Ready to Leave Your Mark?

When you are ready to permanently mark a logo, monogram, name, or custom artwork onto leather, wood or other materials, Gearheart is ready to provide you with the best custom branding irons that money can buy. Check out our full range of products to find your next custom branding iron, or check out our gallery for some ideas!