All great artists in history signed their work.

From the paintings of Picasso to the symphonies of Beethoven, every great artist wanted the world to know who made it.

Why should you be any different?

Our passion is your passion, and our custom-made branding irons mean you can proudly sign your creations, no matter what material you use to craft.

Whether you’re an artist that shapes metal, or a composer of wooden crafts, we’re here to help you stand out from the rest.

Making Your Art Recognizable

At Gearheart, we know that branding your creations makes them commercially viable pieces of art.

Because when people see your mark, they should instantly recognize who the owner is.

Quality tools are paramount when you have such a vision.

That’s why artists like Picasso settled for nothing but the best.

If you want to leave your mark on the world, you need to make sure it’s going to stay there long after you’re gone.

How Gearheart Started

Dave is the visionary behind Gearheart Industry and has a wealth of experience to bring to the [handcrafted] table.

Having run his own woodworking business and then re-trained in machining metal, he went on to pour all he had learnt into building his own branding iron business back in 2012.

His mission: To create a quality tool that could ‘sign’ work, and withstand everyday wear and tear.

But he couldn’t do it without the necessary tools and equipment.

So true to his crafting nature, Dave turned his garage into a workshop and got to work.

Fast forward a few years later, his hard work and dedication produced an affordable, durable, branding iron that could live up to its purpose.

Things grew pretty fast from that point onwards, until Gearheart Industry became what it is today.

We’ve helped thousands of customers find their one true branding iron.

And while they’re no longer produced from Dave’s garage, the quality and care we put into each one still remains the same.

The Gearheart crew is proud to make the best branding irons on the market.

Our custom-made branding irons have found homes in every single continent across the globe, and our customers can vouch for us! (except in Antarctica)

Tried & Trusted

We are trusted by hundreds of business owners all over the world and we never tire of seeing their amazing creations showcased on Instagram and signed using our quality tools.

We look forward to featuring your latest masterpiece on our Instagram feed!

If You’ve Made It, Mark It

Here at Gearheart, we believe that branding irons are for everyone - the home crafters, the chefs, the small businesses, and even the larger corporations.

We provide the toughest tools money can buy.

Our passionate team members are here to help you from start to finish.

And just like you, they’re not afraid to get a little hands-on when necessary.

If it’s brilliant branding irons you want, go with Gearheart!

At Gearheart, we put our heart into every branding iron.