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​Trouble Shooting Tips For Branding

10 months ago 2054 Views No comments

Decorating wooden and leather items with custom branding irons is the newest frontier in arts and crafts. People who are not part of the crafting world might not realize how much skill is required, and how some crafting tools can even be dangerous if you do not use them properly. Lifelong crafters, though, have a lifetime of stories. Every arts and crafts enthusiast who has sewn something by hand has accidentally poked her finger with a needle at least a few times. Who can forget the hot glue gun, the peril of crafting in the 80s? Everyone learned pretty quickly which parts of the glue gun you shouldn’t touch when it is in use. A harder lesson to learn, though, is how to attach the sequins to your jeans jacket without leaving strings of dried glue everywhere.

9 Things to Brand on your Wedding Day

10 months ago 1092 Views 1 comment

There is only so much time you can spend daydreaming about white dresses, even if fantasizing about weddings is a lifelong hobby of yours. Ideally, each person only has one wedding day but attends lots of weddings during his or her lifetime. Even children who do not see the fun in dressing up in formal clothes and sitting through a wedding ceremony can appreciate decorations and wedding favors. Seeing all the detail in the decorations in an otherwise boring hotel or country club can be like looking for hidden characters at Disney World.

Electric Branding vs. Torch Heated Branding: Which Is Better?

10 months ago 2529 Views No comments

When it comes to making your mark on your product, whether it’s a piece of rawhide leather or your next carving masterpiece, you need a high-quality branding iron that can provide a clean image without damaging the surface and ruining the piece. So, when picking out branding irons that will work best for you, there are two primary models you can use: electricity or fire. Let’s dive into both techniques to determine when they are the most appropriate so that you can make the right decision for your business...

Stand Out With Branding Irons & Watch Your Business Thrive

10 months ago 1373 Views No comments

These days, when it comes to making your business stand out, authenticity and originality set you apart more than anything else. This is because there is so much competition among industries that it can be incredibly difficult to make a name for yourself when there is so much clutter. Fortunately, with custom branding irons, you can literally create a brand that will burn into people’s minds (figuratively speaking). As such, let’s go over the different ways that having branding irons can help your business...

10 Things To Brand For Decoration

1 years ago 1161 Views No comments

Adding a personalized brand can make even the most common objects unique. A branding iron can be used to personalize a variety of materials including wood, leather, and even food. Here are ten things that you can make your own with a personalized brand...

5 Branding Iron Safety Tips And Why They Matter

1 years ago 1903 Views No comments

Using a branding iron can be a fun and crafty way to label art and spread your company’s brand and story. However, the downside of branding irons is that they can definitely be dangerous if not handled correctly. The specific requirements may vary depending on your unique situation, but some of the safety tips apply with any branding iron use. Here are five important tips that you should not ignore, and here’s why they matter:

5 Creative Ways You Can Brand Your Art

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Branding your art can be difficult in terms of both creating and marketing. However, the idea of “the brand” has several functions for yourself and for your potential art career. Part of artistic growth is finding something to make your own, and if you are going to share you work in a professional sense, you should definitely be leaving your mark on your pieces.

A Short History Of Branding

1 years ago 2082 Views No comments

When you hear about “branding” you either think of Old Westerns or newly growing companies. And while the history of branding is a bit obscure, there are definitely ideas about where and how the practice originated. Before we dive into the history of branding, it important to establish a clear definition of the term

Your Essential Guide To Branding Irons

1 years ago 1913 Views No comments

Branding irons first got their start with the branding of cattle. After all, when you’re leading thousands of them what’s to stop someone from stealing them? These days, you can find branding irons for a lot of different industries, not just cattle. In fact, there are quite a few ways that you can use an iron to your advantage.

Thus, to help you get started, we’re going to go over the essentials of branding irons, including their multiple uses and benefits. This is your essential guide to branding irons.

How To Take Care Of Your Branding Iron

1 years ago 3155 Views No comments

When it comes to branding irons, there are many different varieties from which to choose, which makes deciding on the right one for your needs so exciting. Whether you are a chef seeking a new way to add your signature to your dishes or a wood maker Continue looking to put your signature logo on your product, a high-quality custom branding iron is the way to go. In fact, in many cases using a branding iron is preferable to other methods of labeling or marking as it is permanent and can create a vibrant and unique appearance.

Although branding irons are relatively simple devices, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t treat them with care. Even if your iron is a traditional model that requires a flame to heat up and use, there are proper procedures to follow to make sure that it will last for years to come. So, with that in mind, let’s go over the best methods to take care of your branding iron and keep it in top condition for life.