Wedding Branding Ceremony

by Lucy

If your love is smokin’ hot and you’re forever branded on each other’s hearts, if you belong to one another and have that fire in your soul, then maybe a branding iron unity ceremony is the perfect way to symbolize your love on your wedding day.

In this blog we will reveal what a branding ceremony is, what you need in order to have one and how to plan one for your wedding.

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What is a Branding Ceremony at a Wedding?

A wedding branding ceremony is a unique way for a couple to demonstrate their unity. Branding is a tradition that signifies identity and belonging, so when a couple brands a piece of wood together, they are declaring that they belong to one another.

A branding ceremony will add a rustic feel to your wedding as you make a unique piece of art and history that can be kept and displayed in your home for years to come. Whether you choose to brand a piece of wood that is meaningful to you both, or brand your guest book for everyone to sign, branding wood at your wedding will create an unforgettable moment and a special keepsake.

Bride and groom branding a piece of wood together


How Do You Plan a Branding Iron Unity Ceremony?

Having a branding iron unity ceremony at your wedding is pretty simple. You just need to gather the items required, find the perfect space to carry out the ceremony where all your guests can see, and organize with your officiant how to work it into your wedding day, and what will be said.

You can share your story as part of your branding iron unity ceremony to make it really special and meaningful. If you both come from family cattle ranches, maybe you’d love to share with your guests your experiences of growing up on the ranch and use your family brands to mark your unity. Or perhaps two families are being joined together on your special day and you want to get the kids involved too, branding the wood all together.

You’ll also want to think about when is the best moment to brand the wood. If you are planning to do it indoors, it may work well to have it as part of the wedding ceremony, before exchanging rings for example, with the officiant sharing about the significance of the ceremony. On the other hand, if you are planning to do the branding ceremony outdoors, you are free to pick your perfect moment, whether during the ceremony or during the evening celebrations.

What Items Do You Need at a Wood Branding Wedding Ceremony?

A Branding Iron

When choosing a branding iron for your wedding ceremony, you can go for a traditional torch heated branding iron or an electric branding iron.

If you are having an indoor wedding ceremony then an electric branding iron may be the best option. A common question about having a wood branding wedding ceremony is, ‘is it safe to have one indoors?’ and the good news is, the answer is Yes! An electric branding iron is safe for indoor use because you just need to plug in the iron a few minutes before using it.

Since you do not need an open flame to heat an electric branding iron, you should not have any problems with your wedding venue allowing its use, however it is important to always confirm with your venue whether they allow the use of branding irons as part of the ceremony, just in case.

Learn more about how to use an electric branding iron here.

If you are planning to do the branding iron unity ceremony outdoors, a torch heated branding iron may be the best option. You can heat it up with a plumber's torch or on hot coals prior to the branding ceremony.

While a torch heated branding iron will add more character and a more rustic feel, it’s good to bear in mind that it will also take longer to heat than an electric branding iron. The branding iron will also cool off in about 2 or 3 minutes once removed from the heat, so you’ll need to sign your wood or guest book pretty quickly.

What you decide to brand on your wood is your choice. Maybe both your initials, your family brand or crest, or an image that carries significance for you as a couple or family. The possibilities are endless since you can create a custom branding iron using your own design, which is made easy with Gearheart’s Online Design Tool.

The Piece of Wood You Want to Brand

The only other thing required for your wood branding wedding ceremony is the piece of wood you would like to brand. The type, size and style of wood is completely up to you.

Perhaps you would like to keep it fairly small asa little keepsake for the two of you, or maybe you’d like to use a piece of wood that is particularly meaningful to you, passed down through generations, that you can place on a wall at home. You may even want to go big and use a large piece of wood that doubles up as a guest book for people to sign and leave messages.

Branded piece of wood on a wedding branding ceremony


Create a Special Moment and a Special Memory

Having a branding iron unity ceremony as part of your wedding is as easy as:

  1. Organizing with your venue and officiant how to work the branding iron unity ceremony into your wedding day
  2. Deciding whether you want a torch heated or an electric branding iron
  3. Designing your branding iron
  4. Choosing your wood
  5. Branding the wood on the big day

A branding iron unity ceremony is a really special and unique thing to do, and something that you can treasure forever as a family. So, if you are looking for a different way to demonstrate your love, why not design your own branding iron and leave an impression that will really last.

Don’t forget to consider where you choose to carry out the unity ceremony so that all your friends and family can easily see what’s happening, and check with your venue to know for sure whether they allow the use of branding irons.

Looking for a branding iron for your wedding? Design your custom branding iron and leave an impression that will last forever.