Do you want to leave your mark on wood, leather, food or plastic? Our custom electric branding irons are just what you need to create a clear and crisp impression of your brand.

Whether you are looking for an electric branding iron to make wedding favors for your wedding day or a reliable tool for long production runs, we’ve got you covered! Essentially zero reheat time between impressions - it's got more than enough power, however long you need to use it for. You just need to plug it in for as long as you are branding, without any waiting time for the brander to reheat.

How can you get a high-quality impression?

Simply plug in the electric branding iron, and heat to branding temperature (15-20 minutes).  Then, place it against the surface of the product vertically for just a few seconds. You don’t need to be highly skilled to use it, you just need a little practice! 

Thousands of customers have trusted in our tools to create unique designs in (almost) all the items you can imagine:

  • Wood items, such as bookshelves or handcrafted chopping boards
  • Textile and leather accessories, such as T-shirts and bags
  • Food, such as bread and meat
  • Shipping and packaging items, such as pallets and cardboard boxes

 Ready to create your unique branding tool?

Here at Gearheart Industry, we are known for designing and building the toughest, highest quality custom brands in the world. From leather branding tools, to electric branding irons, we've got you covered!

Get in touch and we’ll find the right tool to suit your need.