Signature Branding Iron

What is more valuable to you, a book or painting that is signed, or one that isn’t?

Leaving a signature is always a pleasure for an artist, and by using a signature branding iron you can sign your work, no matter your artistic discipline.

Signing your creation makes your work recognizable and makes the recipient feel like they have a connection with you, the creator.

So, if you are an artist of any kind then why not invest in a branding iron?

We know that branding your creations makes them viable pieces of art and by using one of our signature branding irons you’ll leave quite an impression.

Leave Your Signature No Matter What Your Craft

Are you a chef with a special signature dish that you serve in your restaurant?

You could sign the wooden boards you serve the dish on or brand the food to let everyone know you are the mastermind behind the food they are enjoying.

Wooden board with signature

Adam Donnelly, @donnellyendgrain on Instagram.

Or perhaps you are a furniture designer and maker.

If so, you could use our branding irons to sign your tables, chairs, and cabinets.

That way, the next time someone walks into a home featuring one of your pieces, they will know it’s one of yours and will want one too.

Branding iron to sign a table

Grant Gill, @grantgillfurninture on Instagram.

It could be that you have your own Etsy shop selling handcrafted wooden goods of all kinds.

You could really stand out on one of the biggest online stores in the world by creating a recognizable brand using a signature branding iron.

Alternatively, you might make stuff as a hobby, or as personalized gifts for friends and family.

Even if you are not planning on advertising or selling your work, it’s still really fun to make your creations that extra bit special by signing them.

Your friends and family will appreciate the effort and you’ll feel a great sense of achievement!

Gearheart make the highest-quality branding irons for wood and wood crafts in the world, right here in the USA. Explore our range of branding irons today!