Our torch heated branding irons are good for small-scale production or one-offs, and they are commonly used where electricity is not available or when people prefer more traditional methods of craft. Torch heated branding irons yield the same results as an electric heated branding iron but can require just a bit more practice to figure out optimal heating time.

Traditional technique in the 21st Century

Torch heated irons have been around for centuries, and this time-tested technique uses an open flame to heat the iron until it’s hot enough to leave a lasting impression.

Most people use a plumber's torch or a stove top - both gas and electric stoves will work great - to heat up the branding iron. It is very important to wear a heat resistant glove as the iron gets very hot, and hot air rises.

The warmup time depends on the size of the branding iron and the method used to heat it. The iron gets hot enough to make a good impression within about 5-12 seconds and with 5-15 pounds of pressure exerted. Do consider that your branding iron will require reheating after a few minutes of use.

The perfect tool for woodworking

Part of the reward of being a woodworker is making something that will last forever, and a torch heated iron is the perfect tool to use in order to make a life-long impression. Since there are no internal mechanisms in this tool it should last a lifetime without any problems, all you need is to take care to prevent rust and corrosion.

Our branding irons are made right here in the USA. Whatever your logo may be, they will create a detailed mark on a number of materials: wood, cork and leather.

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