You can use our custom leather stamps to personalize your brand. You could use a branding iron to mark leather goods, but traditional leatherworking is done with a cold stamp and a handheld mallet.

Our leather stamping heads are interchangeable with our electric branding irons, too!

Whether you use an electric branding iron or a hand-held mallet, our plates will create the best impression for your branded products.

How can you get a high-quality impression on the leather products using a cold stamp tool?

  • First, use a sponge or cloth to lightly damp the leather.
  • Second, place your custom leather stamp against the dampened leather, so it is standing up vertically but resting evenly on the leather.
  • Thirdly, tap or double tap the mallet down vertically against the top of the leather tool to imprint the design; the more area of design or logo within the stamp, the more pressure will be needed. 

If you are not used to branding leather, we’d recommended doing a few practice runs on scraps of leather to feel just how much pressure you have to exert. This will depend on the garniture shape and depth of the design. Before you apply the stamp, take the time to imagine the end-result, after all, you want it looking top-quality!

Once the leather is stamped, the design will remain on it as long as the leather remains dry. If the leather is damped again, you could lose your impression.

Ready to create your unique leather branding tool?

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