If your job involves producing large volumes of stock that are consistent in quality, then our electric drill press mounted branding iron units are just what you need.

Gearheart electric drill press mounted branding iron units are suited for high-volume production or for pieces that require repeatable alignment in materials such as cork, leather, plastics, paper, rubber, wood and even meat.

Create high-quality brands with unparalleled speed – it’s easily possible to make 20 brands per minute with our drill press mounted electric branding irons.

How can you get a high-quality impression?

Simply mount the branding iron onto your drill press, plug in and use the electronic controller to find the right heat for the job. You can dial the power down for small work or crank it all the way up to heat brands as large as 12in sq.

A drill press mounted electric branding iron is THE tool for when you want accuracy and efficiency on high volume runs. The drill press ensures that the branding iron is securely mounted allowing every product to be branded with the same orientation, and with a super-fast heat-recovery time you can work quickly to get lots done in a short amount of time.

Whether you are handcrafting wooden or leather products to sell in store or want to make your restaurant stand out by branding food items, it couldn’t be more convenient with our world-class branding irons.

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Here at Gearheart Industry, we are known for designing and building the toughest, highest quality custom brands in the world. From leather branding tools, to electric branding irons, we've got you covered!

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