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Design your iron the fast and easy way with this online design tool!

  1. Decide between torch-heated or electric (see the FAQ page for more details on the difference).
  2. Select the size you want.
  3. Use the tools to enter text and move things around!  We encourage you to use the whole space since you're paying for the whole space!  

The white design space is the dimensions you choose in the "Size" option.  The plate itself will be slightly larger, since it will have a margin around the design.  

If you need more flexibility, order a full-custom brand based on your own design, or if you have any questions, Contact Us!  

Availability: Standard production time is 5 business days. Rush production is 1 business day. We offer several shipping options.
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Warranty: Warranty information is found on our FAQ page.

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5 Stars
Rectangular electric wood branding iron

I’ve only had my branding iron for about a week but I’ve tried it a couple times so far and it worked very nice. It seems like a well-made quality product and was very clear on the wood that I used. Gearheart customer service was terrific and I could design my own right on their website. From the time I sent my order in to the time it was shipped was exactly one week and that included a weekend. So far I am very happy with their product and their service.

5 Stars
Flame heated branding iron

Outstanding! Massive chunk of brass carved with such precision that tiny lines of a script font are perfectly legible. One tip for new users - pump the brakes a bit as you're heating this thing. You don't need as much heat as you might think to get a real nice impression. With an infrared thermometer I heated the head to 350-400F and held it in place for just a few seconds on cherry, oak and maple. If you see lots of smoke you'll have some sanding to do. Another tip (that I don't need to explain) is to scribe a small mark on the reverse side of the branding head to indicate which way to orient the stamp before burning. Absolutely worth every penny of the purchase price.