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Design your iron the fast and easy way with this online design tool!

  1. Select the size you want.
  2. Decide between torch-heated or electric (see the FAQ page for more details on the difference).
  3. Pick the material and options you want.  Brass is super-high quality while still being affordable!  Aluminum is a good budget choice.  More info on the options is on our FAQ page.
  4. Use the tools to enter text and move things around!  We encourage you to use the whole space since you're paying for the whole space!  

You can change options 1-3 after you've worked on your design, so don't worry!

The white design space is the dimensions you choose in the "Size" option.  The plate itself will be slightly larger, since it will have a margin around the design.  

If you need more flexibility, order a full-custom brand based on your own design, or if you have any questions, Contact Us!  

Availability: Standard production time is 3-5 business days. Rush production is 1 business day. We offer several shipping options.
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Warranty: Warranty information is found on our FAQ page.

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