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May 2014

Handheld Electric Brands

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Reinventing "Made in America" (Part 1)

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We've all heard the saying, "Charity begins at home." As a business owner, I feel that way about how I run my company. What I've learned as both an employee and employer is this: the company that treats its workers poorly will treat its customers poorly, too.

I've been in the trades for over 15 years, and I've seen my share of good work environments--but I've seen some bad ones, believe me. In my experience, there's a direct correlation between poor working conditions and poor customer service. As a result, I strive to treat everyone I interact with--my suppliers, my employees, and my customers--with the same level of care and respect that I'd like to receive. That means providing a safe work environment for the fella who runs the milling machine. It means being understanding about the childcare responsibilities of my office manager. It means paying my supplier's invoices promptly, and in full. And it means providing excellent products and unparalleled customer service to folks like you.

That's what "Made in America" means at Gearheart Industry.

In The Shop: Gokojo's James Crannell

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"Reclaimed wood's tough," explains James Crannell. "These are boards that have been in a home for 100-plus years. So they've twisted, and bowed, and weathered and cracked." He pulls a battered piece of lumber from a rack of his shop in Chicago. "I have kind of a fascination with taking things that were used and finding a new life for them."

James founded Gokojo with a clear vision: to create beautiful, long-lasting and affordable products that inspire people to rethink what it means to be environmentally conscious. Gokojo's handmade pieces are made from reclaimed and recycled materials, all of which are locally-sourced. To mark his unique creations, James uses one of our torch-heated branding irons. "I love it! The branding iron is perfect and adds a nice finishing touch to all my wood products. Definitely helps me stand out in the crowd," he says, and turns a small table on edge, displaying the logo burned into the underside.

Gearheart is proud to work with artists and small-business owners who exemplify creativity and innovation like James. You can check out his amazing (and surprisingly affordable) furniture in Gokojo's Etsy store.