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April 2014

When "Made in America" matters--and when it doesn't

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A good friend of mine--and I'd call him a "globalist" to his face--recently posed a question over a couple of beers: "What difference does it make where my products are made?" The answer I gave him was a knee-jerk amalgam of stale platitudes. "Made in the USA stands for quality! American pride, etc. etc." Frankly, it sounded empty and hollow. I responded emotionally--and what I said wasn't even necessarily true. "Made in the USA" may have implied a certain standard of quality in the past, but it doesn't anymore--just as "Made in Japan" was synonymous with shoddy workmanship in the 60's, but that's a far cry from what it means now.

So what does it mean when I say my branding irons are made in the USA? From the FTC's standpoint, it just means that "all or virtually all" of the materials and components in my branding irons are manufactured Stateside. From a purely objective, legal perspective, it doesn't imply that I treat my employees fairly, or that I give back to my community, or that I practice sustainable manufacturing, or that my products are any good.

So I've got to be explicit about those things. Over the coming weeks, I'm going to tell you what "Made in the USA" means at Gearheart Industry--how it's more than just a tagline, because what we do is much larger than just making branding irons. I hope you'll stay tuned!

They're here--Electric Branding Irons by Gearheart Industry!

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Well, folks, it took a while to get it developed, but it was worth the wait. Variable power, a spring-loaded pivoting head, and dual high-output heating elements make this drill-press mounted iron a force to be reckoned with! Of course it's made in the USA with the same attention to detail that you've come to expect from our products, but it's not just pretty to look at--it's built to work hard for a long time.

Extra branding plates are available for this system at an incredibly affordable price. Check it all out here!

Sneak Peek

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It's been a busy Spring so far at Gearheart Industry! We've got a lot of R&D work going on. Here's a quick glance at some products we'll be introducing this season:

Integrated-torch Brands

The brass branding platen and integrated 15,000 BTU torch on this iron make quick work of theost demanding project! Just hook the brand to a standard propane tank--the type you use on your outdoor grill--and light it up. This industrial-quality brand will be available either by itself, or as a kit that includes a 10' hose, regulator, and striker. And unlike competitors' irons, every component is made in the USA--including the accessories. It took a long time to find a regulator that was made stateside, but we didn't stop till we found one!

Electric Brands

Plenty of folks have asked why we don't offer electric branding irons. There are a few reasons, but it boils down to this: if it can't be made in the USA, and offered at an affordable price, we won't sell it. Period. It's taken a while to track down domestic components for electric branding irons, but we've done it! And as usual, we've got a system that blows the competition out of the water. Gearheart electric brands heat 30% faster than other electric irons while using 30% less energy.