Tips for Using an Electric Branding Iron

by Dave

How Do You Use an Electric Branding Iron?

Decorating wooden and leather items with custom electric branding irons is the newest trend in arts and crafts.

Here, we share some useful information for people starting out in the world of iron branding. 

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With our top tips, you’ll see just how simple it is and how quickly you can get started on your own branding craft projects.

How Do You Heat an Electric Branding Iron?

Just plug the iron into an electrical outlet. Within 20 minutes, it will be hot enough to brand a large batch of items.

The ideal temperature for an electric branding iron depends on what kind of material you are branding.

Plastics require a low temperature, so you should set the branding iron’s temperature control unit to between 20% and 30%. When you brand leather, the ideal temperature is between 40% and 60%. To brand wooden items, set the temperature to 70%.

How Long Does It Take for The Branding Iron to Leave An Impression?

You only need to apply the branding iron to the item being branded for a few seconds. With an electric branding iron, four seconds is plenty.

How Long Does a Branding Iron Stay Hot?

Before you start branding items, it’s important that the iron is hot enough. If you try to use a branding iron that is too cool, it will not leave a noticeable mark on the item you are branding.

Electric branding irons do not require frequent reheating because they stay hot enough for a long time, so they are the best choice when you are branding a large batch of items.

For example, they are best if you are branding drink coasters as wedding favors for everyone on your guest list.

Note: By contrast, torch-heated brands cool off very quickly, which could mean reheating your iron each time you brand an item.

How Long Does The Branding Iron Take to Cool Down?

The iron takes longer to cool down than it does to heat up.

When you let your branding iron cool down, you should always place it in a horizontal position.

If you place it vertically, with the branding plate down, it could damage the branding plate or other parts of the branding iron.

Let it cool for a long time before you touch the branding plate.

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