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Sneak Peek

5 years ago 2076 Views No comments

It's been a busy Spring so far at Gearheart Industry! We've got a lot of R&D work going on. Here's a quick glance at some products we'll be introducing this season:

Integrated-torch Brands

The brass branding platen and integrated 15,000 BTU torch on this iron make quick work of theost demanding project! Just hook the brand to a standard propane tank--the type you use on your outdoor grill--and light it up. This industrial-quality brand will be available either by itself, or as a kit that includes a 10' hose, regulator, and striker. And unlike competitors' irons, every component is made in the USA--including the accessories. It took a long time to find a regulator that was made stateside, but we didn't stop till we found one!

Electric Brands

Plenty of folks have asked why we don't offer electric branding irons. There are a few reasons, but it boils down to this: if it can't be made in the USA, and offered at an affordable price, we won't sell it. Period. It's taken a while to track down domestic components for electric branding irons, but we've done it! And as usual, we've got a system that blows the competition out of the water. Gearheart electric brands heat 30% faster than other electric irons while using 30% less energy.