How to Make a Custom Box

by Dave

Online shoppers love premium, personalized packaging. It gets them excited about what they ordered, and it serves as an extension of the product itself. It can also spark the interest of casual observers - yes, free advertising - and help you stand out from the crowd.

Whether you are a small business or a larger company, shipping your goods in a distinct, custom box is a great way to increase your brand awareness and keep your customers coming back to you.

In this blog post, we will show you different ways to customize a cardboard box and many other tips, so that your customers keep coming back for more.

Choosing Your Shipping Box and Your Design

Plan ahead and think about what you really need from your packaging. Are your products fragile and need to be safe during transit? Could you fit your products into a mailer box and save money shipping your packages? Are you planning to use one, or multiple box sizes?

Make sure you pick the right size for the products inside. A pair of gloves arriving in a large shipping box will make your brand look bad. Your customers will realize that you don’t care about the presentation, and you will show very little commitment to sustainable practices.

If you ship a variety of products that all need different-sized boxes, do your research and order boxes that will work. There are hundreds of sizes available online and you can order as many boxes as you need.

Chart showing different box dimensions

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When choosing your design, you can use your logo on its own or add a catchy message to customize your packaging.

Using a consistent logo across your company will promote brand awareness and help people remember you. Thousands of people will recognize the logo of Dollar Shave Club as soon as they see it. When it comes to their shipping boxes, they use a simple brown box with their logo printed on the top. The packaging size is perfect for their product and when you open the box it gives you an instant premium experience.

Dollar Shave Club brown cardboard box with logo printed on top and products inside

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Choose a design that matches your brand identity, works with your products and resonates with your customers.

From Concept to Reality: How to Transfer your Design onto Your Box

Now for the final part: How do I customize my box? We are going to cover three of the most common methods to customize a box:

  • Digital or offset printing
  • Using a branding iron
  • Stickers

Digital or Offset Printing

Digital printing can transfer any image, logo or name (usually a JPEG or PDF file) onto a wide variety of packaging products and materials, without using plates. It is quick and cost-efficient, and has a high level of accuracy.

Corrugated cardboard box with text digitally printed inside the lid

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In offset printing, images and logos are transferred onto a plate that is printed on a rubber cylinder and then transferred to paper or cardboard. This technology is able to handle pretty much any paper stock type and cardboard. However, the process can be expensive.

Digital printing is ideal for small printing jobs (1 to 500 boxes), while offset printing is more cost-effective for large printing jobs since there is just an initial cost for creating the plate.

Using a Branding Iron

Not every business has the budget to print their logo on their shipping boxes. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a plain cardboard box.

Using an electric branding iron you can customize any cardboard box with your logo or signature. You just need to plug it in and hold it against the surface of the cardboard for two seconds. As easy as that!

Cardboard boxes customized with a logo using an electric branding iron

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This is ideal if you use different box sizes or want to add a rustic and natural touch to your packaging. And if you want to speed up the process, an electric branding iron mounted on a drill press will provide a high-output branding system to customize your boxes with your unique mark.

Branding iron mounted on a drill press


Using a sticker can be another way to customize your packages, adding a perfect final touch.

You can easily order custom packaging stickers online using your own logo or choose from a wide range of customizable design templates. Pick the color, shape and design that aligns with your business, and create your packaging stickers using different materials, such as durable vinyl and plastic.

Branded stickers to customize packaging

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Using stickers may suit smaller businesses who want to keep things simple, but still personalized and unique. While there are ongoing costs every time you order new stickers, it is cheaper than ordering custom printed packaging.

Choosing the Right Method for Your Custom Packaging

If you’re looking for fully customized boxes with more complex designs, digital or offset printing will be the best option for you. This is the best option for big companies shipping hundreds of products every day.

A branding iron is ideal for businesses that stand for craftsmanship and tradition. If you create products that are handmade, why not customize your boxes by hand too? Your customers will appreciate that you care about the small details, including your packaging.

Sticking a customized sticker on your boxes is super simple, and can work if you prefer a more modern-looking packaging.

The options are varied and the choice is yours. Whatever works best for you, we are confident that creating custom packaging will set you apart and really impress your customers. And that’s what it’s all about right? Making a lasting impression.

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