How Do You Use a Food Branding Iron?

by David

Imagine being able to actually sign your signature dish! Well, you don’t need to imagine anymore because with our custom branding irons, you can brand and personalize your food any way you want.

Whether you're making a gift, hosting a party, or running your own business, why not get creative, add a little flair and make your mark.

It may take some trial and error…but you don’t need to be highly skilled to use a branding iron! This is what you need to do:

First, Heat Up The Branding Iron

Most people use a plumber's torch to heat up the branding iron. The warmup time depends on the size of the branding iron and it usually gets hot enough to make a good impression within about 15 seconds.

Then, Brand The Food

When the branding iron is hot, you just need to grab the handle and brand the food using a straight downward motion. Allow the brand to sizzle for a couple of seconds and remove it.

What Food Can You Brand?

If you are looking for ideas to brand your food, check out the following tips to brand your food all year long. 


Picture the scene. The suns out, the BBQ is fired up and your favorite playlist is providing the perfect ambience for a chilled-out afternoon with friends. How cool would it be to add that extra touch and personalize the burger and hotdog buns, making this summer party one people will really remember?

Branding irons to personalize the burger and hotdog buns

One of our clients loved branding burger buns for his party, and has decided to keep leaving his mark: “I absolutely love my burger bun brander…I am thinking that I may try branding home- made bread next? Could be cool?”

Of course, you can also brand a delicious steak from the butcher’s counter. Whether you like rib-eye, T-bone or rump; rare, medium or well done, a steak is always a winner.


The pumpkin spice flavor in America marks the start of autumn and if you enjoy cooking, this is the perfect time to start planning the epic Thanksgiving meal. Why don’t you surprise guests this year? Imagine a delicious homemade pumpkin pie or pumpkin spiced cookies with a personalized message of thanks!


It's Christmas. The season of Santa, snow and fluffy socks. And clementines. It wouldn't be Christmas without a clementine in your stocking, would it? Why not give it a twist this year; a traditional clementine branded with your own original design!

Clementine branded with your own original design


Easter is a great time for sweet treats, whether a chocolate egg, a bunny-shaped biscuit, or if you're British, a traditional hot-cross bun. If you fancy getting your bake on this Easter then why not make your buttery biscuits unique, with a special message or design.

Make your mark on some of your favorite food items and create the Wow! factor. 

Gearheart make branding irons for food that are the perfect solution to get your customized design or logo on your favorite dishes.

We’d love to see your favorite food with your own design – so please share your pics and tag us on Facebook and Instagram