How Do You Create a Logo for Your Branding Iron?

by David

You’re looking into getting a custom branding iron to sign your wood creations, but you don't have a logo design yet, at least not one you are proud enough to mark all your creations with. So, how can you design a logo for your new branding iron? While you’re here, discover what tools you can use, get some design tips, and find out what works and doesn’t work when creating your graphics for a branding iron.

Designing Your Logo for a Custom Branding Iron

When you get a new custom branding iron, you usually need to send your logo to create your custom plate. The logo often uses the initials of a business name and/or an element or icon that can be associated with the company.

Logo with initials of business name


You can use the font that best expresses your identity and incorporate different elements, but since you’re here, the chances are that you may not know exactly how to bring it all together. That’s what we’re here to help you with. Check out the following tips to create an awesome logo for your business.

Tips to Create a Logo for Your Branding Iron

Use an App or a Specialist Software to Create Your Logo

When designing the logo for your branding iron, you can consider using specialist software or opt for an easy app with logo templates.

Specialist Software

A professional software such as Adobe Illustrator, will allow you to create your own graphics that can scale and reduce without losing quality, so you can make a plate with the size that you want to with completely original graphics. But it takes time to learn how to use this software, as it is fairly technical.

App with Logo Templates

You can use one of the tons of apps and platforms online that allow you to create a logo in less than 5 minutes, even if you are neither artistic or particularly computer literate. This option allows you to use templates that you then customize, selecting from a range of free images, icons and fonts, making it quick and easy to create a logo that is relevant to your market and looks great when branded on your products.

Customized logo selecting a range of free icons and fonts


Some apps you could use to create your logo include:

Try Gearheart’s Logo Design Tool for Woodworkers

Gearheart’s online generator is a free tool specifically designed to create logos for custom branding irons. Our tool offers a wide range of icons to match your identity, and you don't need to worry about getting your logo into high resolution, the thickness of the lines or any other aspect, because our online tool generates logos that are ready for your branding iron.

Gearheart’s Logo Design Tool

So, you’ve thought about the overall style of your logo, what elements you’d like it to include and how you can go about creating it. Now for some design details that are important to remember so that you get the best looking results.

What Works and Doesn't Work for Branding Iron Logos

Make It Scalable

A logo must be scalable, so it doesn’t lose any sense of proportion or design elements when placed on different sized surfaces, such as a business card, a poster, a pen or a branding iron.

What size and format can you use for your logo? We recommend a minimum resolution of 600 dpi in formats including pdf, jpg, png, ai or eps, since this allows the image to be enlarged. In the logo below, the jagged edges and poor detail shown in the magnified view make it unsuitable to create a high-quality branding iron.

Image showing logo that is not scalable

Colors or Shading

Colors or shading require digital modification to create a design suitable for your branding iron, so this is something you should also avoid in your logo. This means that logos with color or shading like the ones below are not suitable to create a custom branding iron; instead use black and white art vectorized or in high res.

Colors or Shading in Logos

Negative Space Design Elements

In design, negative space is the blank areas between letters and images within a logo. If elements within a design are too close together, this won’t be effective on a branding iron as the stamp may be illegible when you burn the wood.

Negative Space Design Elements in a Logo

Get a Proof of Your Logo

When you are happy with your artwork, ask your branding iron maker for a proof of your logo before they send you the branding iron. Gearheart proofs every single branding iron and we send a picture to our customers for approval. This is how we guarantee that every single customer is a happy customer.

Proof of logo for new branding iron

Do you need inspiration for your logo? Check out these logo ideas.

Branding your wood creations serves as a mark of excellence, and getting your logo right will make your business one that really stands out to your current and future customers. By taking a little time to consider some simple elements of good design, that will work on a branding iron, and utilizing the software and apps available, we’ve no doubt that you can really make an impression!

Gearheart create custom-made branding irons to order, so no matter what your requirements are, we will make something perfect for you!