Business Cards & Electric Branding Irons

If you own or run a small business, you know that success comes from meeting people and getting your brand noticed. Business cards are a great tool for this. They are effective for networking events and trade fairs because they will help people remember you when they need you.

You may be thinking that's a bit old school, but a business card can be so much more than just a name and number, it can be an introduction to your modern brands awesome style and values.

So don't settle for ordinary, get creative with Gearheart's electric branding irons and create your business card! 

Business card with Logo

Create Your Business Card with an Electric Branding Iron

Here are 5 reasons why you won't regret it:

1) A tangible treat

In an increasingly digital world, it's nice to have something physical to hold. If you are someone that prefers a book to a Kindle or a letter to an email, you'll get the appeal of a beautifully designed business card to place in the hands of potential clients.

2) Engage all the senses

A great way to use electric branding irons is on wood, and a wooden business card can be seen, felt and even smelt by your future clients - a feast for so many senses.

3) Make your own mark

Create your own design on one of our electric branding irons. Include your name, logo, anything you want to leave your unique stamp on the world. You can upload your artwork or make one in our free online design tool.

4) Keep it natural

With growing concerns about plastic, people are ever more aware of keeping things natural - what feels more natural than wood? Make a good impression with a stunning branded, wooden business card.

5) Stand out from the crowd

To be the best, you need to stand out from the rest. Get creative and be different!

All it takes to use an electric branding iron is a plug and some practice, but you don’t need to be highly skilled to dominate it. The electric current provides heat through the iron, so you can make your mark easily and evenly on your business cards.

One of our customers had a really fun time making their own business cards with one of our customized electric branding irons. Do you want to see how they did it?