9 Things to Brand for your Wedding Day

There is only so much time you can spend daydreaming about white dresses, even if fantasizing about weddings is a lifelong hobby of yours. Ideally, each person only has one wedding day but attends lots of weddings during his or her lifetime. Even children who do not see the fun in dressing up in formal clothes and sitting through a wedding ceremony can appreciate decorations and wedding favors. Seeing all the detail in the decorations in an otherwise boring hotel or country club can be like looking for hidden characters at Disney World.

Even if it has been decades since you could fit into your own wedding dress, you probably enjoy looking at all the mementoes of weddings you have attended. If you are a true romantic, then you know that the weddings where the couple and the guests have the most fun are the least pretentious ones. You have probably lovingly arranged flowers for centerpieces at your children’s weddings. Maybe you even tied wedding theme-colored ribbons around little bags of candy to distribute to guests at the end of the wedding reception. Perhaps you even arranged to bouquet that your niece would catch.

If you have made wedding favors by hand, you know how stressful it can be to have to produce such high-volume crafts on a short deadline. With custom branding irons, there is a faster and easier way to make professional-looking wedding favors at home. It is much less labor intensive than painting wedding favors by hand, and far more affordable than having them professionally custom printed.

Branding Irons Are an Elegant Way to Decorate Wedding Favors

Even experienced arts and crafts gurus might be surprised to hear about using branding irons to make wedding favors. Gearheart brands are designed to decorate wood, leather and even food. You can even use the lower heat branding irons to brand paper products and some types of plastic. With just one branding iron, you can make hundreds of wedding decorations and favors. Imagine all the places at the wedding where people can find the wedding couple’s personalized wedding logo. It really will be like looking for hidden Mickeys’ at Disney World. Here are just ten of the many things you can decorate with brands for a wedding:

1. Wooden or Cardboard Drink Coasters

Some people love weddings because of the feelings of romance and optimism they evoke. Others look at them as fashion or arts and crafts on display. For others, drinking with relatives and friends one does not see often is the most fun part of a wedding. Branding is a very cost-effective way to make keepsake coasters for the wedding.

2. The Wooden Handle of the Personalized Cake Server

Cutting the wedding cake is one of the most special moments at a wedding reception. For the first time, the couple share a cake, first with each other, then with all their guests. Turning the cake server used to cut the wedding cake into a keepsake for the couple is a sweet idea, and one that is not yet played out. The cake server will have even more sentimental value if you decorate its wooden handle with a brand.

3. Wooden Stamps

If you think you can make wedding favors quickly by branding them, stamping them is even faster. Use the branding iron to make one or more stamps. Then you can decorate anything from paper coasters to personalized T-shirts.

4. Cigar Boxes

Bridal suites have been around for a long time. The newest wedding trend is a “man cave” where the groom and groomsmen can hang out before the wedding. A branded wooden cigar box for the groom, or better, one for each groomsman, will make the occasion even more special.

5. Wooden Planters

For weddings with a rustic theme, flowering plants in wooden planters look even more appropriate than cut flowers in glass vases. Enhance the mood of the wedding by lining the walkway with custom branded wooden planters.

6. Leather Jewelry Bags

Necklaces or earrings are a thoughtful gift for bridesmaids. To make the occasion even more special, present the sparkly wedding favors in branded leather bags.

7. Wooden Podium

A wedding ceremony where friends and relatives present specially chosen readings can be very moving. Especially at an outdoor ceremony, a wooden podium or music stand branded with the wedding logo can add to the moment. It will always be a reminder of the wedding when the couple sees it in their house.

8. Cutting Board

Wooden cutting boards are a popular wedding gift, and you can never have too many. Even if several people choose store-bought cutting boards from the couple’s gift registry, the cutting board with the personalized brand will still be special.

9. Leather Luggage Tags

What better way to send the couple off on their honeymoon than with personalized branded leather luggage tags? Branded wood and leather items are a creative and thoughtful way to make a memorable wedding. The couple and the guests will be able to enjoy these durable items with their branded decorations for many years to come.

Contact Gearheart today to see what kind of branding iron is most suitable for the wedding decorations or favors that you want to make.